Staff Spotlight: Iman Fahim Hameed

Iman Fahim Hameed

Iman Fahim Hameed is a Consultant for ACCESS Health Southeast Asia. She brings a diverse background ranging from biomedical and life sciences to public health policy to the role. After spending over a decade of her career in the lab, investigating the properties of silkworm and spider proteins and conducting microRNA research on liver and bladder cancer, she was inspired to make a shift to public health.

Iman pursued a Master of Science in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK) and conducted qualitative research in Sri Lanka on barriers to health access in three fishing communities. She also worked with Public Health Pathways as a public health researcher and trend reporter.

A desire to work with marginalized communities and improve access to healthcare in low and middle-income countries brought Iman to ACCESS Health International. She is most recently responsible for the success of a capacity-building training program for local NGOs in South East Asia supported by Abbott, which has now been expanded to Middle-East and North Africa.

Outside of ACCESS Health, Iman is a board member of the Society for Behavioural Science Singapore and an avid fiction author and editor. She co-edited an anthology of short stories called Singapore at Home: Life Across Lines that was launched at the Singapore Writers Festival in 2021.