Staff Spotlight: Stuti Shukla

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Stuti is the Communications Manager at the India office of ACCESS Health International. Before joining ACCESS Health, Stuti worked as a Senior Correspondent at The Indian Express in Mumbai reporting on the key ministries of the Government of Maharashtra, including Health and Family Welfare, School Education, Women and Child Development, Urban Development, and Social Justice. This experience helped her develop a skill set that served her well, first as a Research Consultant and then as a Communications Manager in her eight-year tenure at ACCESS Health International.


After completing a postgraduate degree in Public Policy and Management at the Indian Institute of Management- Bangalore, Stuti was inspired to shift to a career in public health. She was attracted to ACCESS Health International because of the focus on systems-level efforts to transform healthcare systems. She enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team where a free exchange of ideas is encouraged.


Stuti played a significant role in organizing the recent GLC4HSR Annual Conclave and has been a driving force behind the communications and branding building of GLC4HSR from the initial concept to daily implementation. Outside of ACCESS Health, Stuti enjoys exploring different musical genres and artists. She has received training in Indian classical singing.