TioHundra Case Study Featured in MedTech Magazine

The TioHundra case study by Sofia Widén of ACCESS Health Sweden is featured this month in MedTech Magazine. The feature is in Swedish on page forty two but a summary of the case study can be found below.

TioHundra provides healthcare, home care, and social care in Norrtälje, a city in Stockholm County. Throughout most of Sweden, counties oversee healthcare and municipalities are responsible for providing home care and social care. TioHundra integrates the entire care system in new and innovative ways. The objective of the company is to increase efficiency, quality, and safety while reducing the costs of care. As many as sixty people may be responsible for the care of a single elderly patient. The company is not without critics. Until 2015, the company operated at a loss and readmissions to hospitals are still too high. However, many innovations, such as technology integration across the organization and medicine software programs at elder care homes, are improving quality of care and patient safety rapidly.