Webinar: Leveraging Fintech to Expand Digital Health/Mhealth Solutions

ACCESS Health has been commissioned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to study how fintech can be leveraged to expand digital health and mHealth solutions, in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and a shift to a new normal of social distancing, mobility restrictions, and community quarantine

Nardev Ramanathan, a Senior Consultant from ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia, is excited to share our preliminary findings and the virtual stage with distinguished speakers Maarten Ras Priya Shah and Isaiah Okoth from CarePay and PharmAccess Foundation, respectively. These two have been pivotal in launching and deploying the M-TIBA platform, a revolutionary health financing platform. They shared their learnings and perspectives in developing, implementing, and scaling the M-TIBA platforms across multiple markets.

This webinar was moderated by Adrienne Mendenhall, Director of Business Development, ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia

Please click here to view the recordings.