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What Makes A Great Leader?

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ACCESS Health Chair and President William A. Haseltine recently sat down with Gil Bashe, the Managing Partner for Health at the global public relations agency Finn Partners, to discuss his recent book World Class and the leadership that led to the transformation of NYU Langone Health.

Ten years ago, NYU Langone Health was losing tens of millions of dollars and ranked in the bottom third of academic medical center hospitals for quality and safety. Today, the medical center delivers world class patient care and generates a substantial surplus.

In the interview below, Dr. Haseltine discusses the characteristics that make Dr. Robert Grossman, the dean and CEO of NYU Langone, a great leader and how Dr. Grossman garnered the respect and goodwill needed to transform the medical center.


Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen is Director of Communications at ACCESS Health International and leads the global communications strategy for the organization.

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    I need to follow any training related maternal and child health

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