2017 Shanghai Internet + Aging Industry Summit

The Shanghai Information Service Association held their “Internet + Aging Industry Summit” on July 4 in Shanghai. The summit is endorsed by Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee and Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

ACCESS Health China Program Director Cathie Liu was invited by Shanghai Aging Tech Service Center to speak at the Summit. In her role with ACCESS Health she serves as the Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Aging Tech Innovation Alliance, which connects innovators in aging with domestic and international resources. Government officers, company representatives, media, and more than one hundred senior citizens attended the summit.

Ms. Liu described the current attention being placed on the aging industry in Shanghai and the work of the government to create elder positive policies. Private investors are increasingly focused on this segment of the population as well.

In 2016, nearly forty percent of the population of Shanghai, or more than 4.5 million people, were over the age of sixty. Xinhua Fu, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee, spoke at the summit and described the work that the Shanghai government is doing to promote the collaboration among those in the health, aging, internet, and traffic sectors to reduce the cost of services for the elderly. Much of this work is done in partnership with the internet and information technology industry in Shanghai.

Members of both government and media used the summit to launch a “National Innovation for the Elderly Competition”. The competition identifies excellent innovation programs in the aging industry and supports their development. ACCESS Health China is the strategic partner of the competition and delivers training and resource support for winning programs.