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ACCESS Health China and L.E.K. Consulting Launch Paying for the Cure Report

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ACCESS Health China and L.E.K. Consulting recently launched a new report named Paying for the Cure: Transforming the Financing of Novel Therapies. The report focuses on innovative payment models for novel therapies in the Asia Pacific region. The report serves as a guideline for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, insurance companies, and policymakers to develop innovative services to benefit patients.

The report consists of three parts: context around the low affordability of novel therapies, analysis of current innovative cases, and instructions on the design of innovative payment models. The first part of the report reveals the current challenges for middle and low class patients to afford new and advanced treatments. For instance, a study in the report shows that more than seventy five percent of new cancer patients in Southeast Asia experience financial catastrophe or die within one year of diagnosis. The second part of the report categorizes four different models of health payment innovation in the region and analyzes the pros and cons. The last part of the report provides thorough instructions on designing an innovative healthcare financing solution. It highlights three key points of a successful model, which are patient centric, value added to both drug manufacturer and patient, and scalable.

Health Finance is a key focus area of ACCESS Health. We promote the development and implementation of innovative financial services by the government and the private sector to support affordable access to health services for all.

Please view the full version of the report here.

Shawn Gu

Shawn Gu

Shawn Gu is responsible for branding and promotion for ACCESS Health China, including marketing campaigns, marketing materials, and managing social media accounts for ACCESS Health China.

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