The Joint Learning Fund at Work

ACCESS Health International is one of the founding members of the Joint Learning Network, an innovative, country driven network of healthcare practitioners and policymakers from around the globe who produce and experiment with new ideas and tools to expand health coverage in their countries and beyond.

As part of our work with the network, ACCESS Health administers the Joint Learning Fund. The fund is a flexible pool of financial resources that Joint Learning Network member countries can use for activities related to universal health coverage. It was initially created with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation. Country members can leverage the fund for a wide variety of activities, from learning exchanges and temporary professional placements, to collaborative group work to address a common challenge within a specific technical area. While ACCESS Health administers the fund, the Steering Group of the Joint Learning Network is the primary decisionmaking body for the allocation and reallocation of funds between member countries.

Since the fund serves practitioner to practitioner learning exchanges, applicants must make a strong case for how other countries might benefit from a given activity. More than 350 practitioners from fifteen countries have benefited from the Joint Learning Fund. This includes all full member countries – India, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mali, the Philippines, and Vietnam –as well as associate member countries like Bangladesh, Sudan, Mongolia, Mexico, Morocco, and Colombia.

We invite you to reach out directly to learn more about the Joint Learning Network and the Joint Learning Fund. The network is a unique model for joint problem solving driven by knowledge exchange among countries and the fund is a valuable resource that can help every country share its experiences and adapt the experiences of others to create new solutions, ideas, and knowledge products toward universal health coverage.

For more information on JLF contact fund administrators at [email protected]