ACCESS Health Southeast: A Look Back On 2020 And Look Ahead To 2021

2020 was a year of adapting, learning, and refining for the Southeast Asia office. With our unique regional perspective, we spent the year showing how the tenet we’ve touted – resilient, digitally enabled, affordable healthcare – is indeed the key to outlasting devastations such as Covid-19. Internally, we pivoted from our busy travel schedules to focusing on tailoring our programs and messaging to respond to pandemic challenges, strengthening our partnerships and impact in ASEAN, forming and maintaining relationships, and reflecting on strategies and business processes. We’ve grown from an office of seven to a vibrant group of 14, based in both Singapore and Philippines

This past year, the Singapore office merged with the ACCESS Health Philippines office, deepening our ties with governments and multinational organizations in the region. We hired consultants in Nepal, Vietnam, and Malaysia, keeping pace with our Fintech for Health projects and expanding our reach and knowledge base in these markets. We redesigned and relaunched our Startup Alliance program, mentoring and connecting more than ten startups in the region. We’ve hosted or spoke on panels for over 25 webinars and events centered around our focus areas of health systems strengthening, digital health, and innovative financing. We’ve posted five Fintech for Health blogs, co-authored three thought pieces, and published one report in partnership with the Singapore government. In 2021, we will add to our consulting staff, publish our Fintech for Health whitepaper, expand and build our current programs, and take forward new initiatives already in the pipeline. 

Looking back on this year, we recognize the growth that took place and are proud of the work we’ve accomplished despite the many challenges. We look forward to what 2021 has in store for us, our clients, and those populations around the world who drive our passion to do more.