APACMed China Health Dialogue: Report on Diagnosis-Related Group to Support Innovation

In May 2021, APACMed launched a monthly, health-focused dialogue for members and partners in the region, providing key insights on the medtech industry in China. Dr. Chang Liu, Regional Director of ASK Health, participated in the kick-off webinar as a keynote speaker.

In the first monthly session, the speakers discussed the Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG), a topical focus launched by China’s National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) in 2019, which is currently being piloted across thirty Chinese cities and will reportedly be nationally implemented by the end of 2021.
During the webinar, Dr. Chang Liu introduced the report Practical Research on DRG Payment, which was published by China Medical Information and Big Data Association, China United Network Communications Group, ASK Health, and VCBeat. Dr. Liu gave some suggestions on how pharmaceutical companies could respond to the DRG reform.

Read the Chinese language report summary here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zcrVpw1jE9zqT8vEOVBlWQ).