In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This weekly blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

We should pay more attention to dementia care, a significant form a elderly and chronic illness. Dementia: General Practitioners Say Patchy Services Fail Patients

Rules governing cesarean actions are relevant to our Safe Care, Saving Lives project and to our work on Primary Care. Brazil Introduces New Cesarean Birth Rules

The concept of “bedblockers” is  interesting for all of us interested in elder care and improving hospital efficiency. Bedblockers: The Fit to Leave Patients Deepening Hospital Crisis

This is an interesting article on telemedicine using Skype. Modern Doctors’ House Calls: Skype Chat and Fast Diagnosis

Capitation Combined With Pay for Performance Improves Antibiotic Prescribing Practices in Rural China

Here’s What Happens When You Name Your Newborn Babygirl. A study finds that a new way to handle unnamed babies resulted in thirty six percent fewer errors.

I recommend a new book, To Save Humanity, edited by Julio Frenk and Steven J. Hoffman. It is a compendium of one hundred short essays by leaders in global health. There are many interesting and novel perspectives. To Save Humanity: What Matters Most for a Healthy Future