In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This regular blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

Please see this study on the importance of personal visits for people with dementia. Dementia Loved Ones “Benefit From Visits”

See this very interesting TED talk on the importance of close, trusting relationships on our happiness and health, gleaned from a lifelong study of lives begun in 1938 and which continues today. What Makes a Good Life? Lessons From the Longest Study on Happiness

Healthy aging is becoming a popular topic! WHO Puts Healthy Aging on the Front Burner

Will Nigeria’s New Government Fix the Health System?

Please see this excellent analysis of aging population trends and causes in Europe and Central Asia from the World Bank. The study also evaluates the social and economic consequences of demographic changes. The authors suggest a range of policy options to address the negative consequences. This report offers fresh insights and some unexpected, and in some cases counterintuitive, observations. It is a must read for those of us focusing on aging issues. Golden Aging: Prospects for Healthy, Active and Prosperous Aging in Europe and Central Asia

Five useful adaptations for cities and metropolitan regions facing demographic challenge. Five Must Do’s As Age Wave Bears Down on the USA

On the importance of seeking the guidance of older populations in planning policies and programs to adapt to demographic change. Online Surveys Engage Older Adults in Community Planning

Please see this long term care proposal up for a vote in Hawaii. Hawaii Long Term Healthcare Bill Serves as National Model

Interesting news on the Affordable Care Act implementation from the new governor of Louisiana. From Worst to First: Louisiana Makes Great Waves with Medicaid Expansion

This is a short summary of problems and progress in reducing infant and young child mortality. China has made great progress. More remains to be done. Reducing Child Mortality in China: Successes and Challenges

Mental health is key to population health. Age related mental disorders demand increasing attention, the direct result of longer lifespans in almost all countries. Mental health is an integral and often neglected aspect of urban and rural health.  This article provides important considerations for incorporating mental health issues into the fabric of urban life. The complete report is easily available online. A Roadmap for Better Mental Health in New York City

Please see this excellent editorial on needed next steps in improving the health of mainland China. Richard Horton outlines five key objectives and two cross cutting measures. Well worth reading in a broader context of most emerging economies. Offline: Health – The Chinese Dream

Two articles on health outcomes in China. Cause Specific Mortality for 240 Causes in China During 1990–2013: A Systematic Subnational Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 and Under Five Mortality in 2,851 Chinese Counties, 1996–2012: A Subnational Assessment of Achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 Goals in China

See this concise summary from The Lancet Global Health. Transforming Healthcare in Ethiopia

Two articles to read in The Lancet Global Health. Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage at Community Level: Which Uterotonic? and Strategies to Reduce Perinatal Mortality

Please see this article in The Lancet Global Health. The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage is cited as an important resource. Implementing Pro Poor Universal Health Coverage

Bundled payments for episode related treatment are becoming an increasing part of reimbursement strategies. See Medicare’s interest in bundling payments for more complex medical episodes. Medicare’s New Bundled Payments: Design, Strategy, and Evolution

This is a valuable contribution from the University of Chicago Health System to the organization of care for high risk elderly patients. Delivery Models for High Risk Older Patients: Back to the Future?

This article by John K. Iglehart is an important description of the need for long term care provisions in Medicare and Medicaid. The article examines a recent history of long term care provisions in federal legislation and discusses current political realities. Future of Long Term Care and the Expanding Role of Medicaid Managed Care

How state health insurance programs can adapt to include address the social determinants of health. Accountable Health Communities: Addressing Social Needs Through Medicare and Medicaid

Introduction to a series in JAMA of healthcare delivery innovations. Innovations in Healthcare Delivery and the Future of Medicine

Helping Mid Sized Cities Think Big About Health