Health Futures Industry Networking Reception

ACCESS Health China held its first seasonal “Health Futures Industry Networking Reception” on January 16, 2018 in Beijing. The topic of the session was healthcare innovations and applications and their impact on healthcare system transformation from the perspective of both China and the United States. More than forty mentors and partners participated in the session.

We were honored to have our mentor from the United States, Dr. Molly Joel Coye, as our guest keynote speaker. Dr. Coye is currently the executive in residence at AVIA and a member of the board of directors of Aetna, Inc. AVIA is the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform, and its mission is to advance care delivery transformation through the deployment of digital solutions. Aetna Inc. is an American managed healthcare company, which sells traditional and consumer directed healthcare insurance plans and related services. Dr. Coye is an expert on healthcare innovation, especially around digital health and disruptive technology, and how innovations can transform healthcare delivery. Dr. Coye gave an insightful presentation on current developments and barriers in the transformation of care delivery in the United States, including virtual care and applications of artificial intelligence. She also introduced investment trends in the U.S. healthcare sector. “One thing that I am most impressed by from this visit is the incredible opportunity that all of you – both investors and innovators – have to scale up your work to reach great numbers of people very quickly”, said Dr. Coye.

Following Dr. Coye, Dr. Chang Liu, managing director of ACCESS Health Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, introduced our Health Futures Innovation Platform and our newly established Innovator Alliance with the audience. The Health Futures Platform is ACCESS Health’s flagship grogram in China. It promotes cross industry, cross border, interdisciplinary collaboration in the health industry, facilitating the growth of innovative institutions and projects. The Innovator Alliance supports innovative enterprises at their growth stage, helping members with business development, resource sharing, and network building.

We also organized a roundtable panel discussion. We were pleased to have Mei Dong, KPMG partner, head of healthcare and aged care, to moderate the discussion. The discussion focused on the rapidly developing industry of digital health that has grown from technology breakthroughs and the government vision of Healthy China 2030. Each guest speaker shared their experiences and insights in various areas including online healthcare, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. Our roundtable guests included:

Yusheng Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Apricot Forest

Qinqin Huang, business unit director of TK.CN health department

Lei Li, strategy department general manager of Peiking University Healthcare Group

Jimmy Jin, deputy general manager of Tianyi Group HEALTH WORK

At the end of the session, we invited three of our Startup Alliance members to present their projects and business development for our mentors and partners. These innovators included Yihu365, 66nao Brain Training, and Yiyi.