Health Futures Networking Event Featuring Pioneers in Healthcare Digitalization in China and US

The Health Futures program in China recently held a special Industry Leaders Networking Reception in collaboration with Health Catalyst in Beijing. The event took place on August 20, 2019. The Event, held at WeWork Beijing, focused on transforming healthcare services and driving outcome improvement through healthcare analytics. More than seventy industry leaders and partners from various sectors of healthcare services, health technologies, investment, and health policy and research participated in the session.

Ms. Holly Rimmasch, Chief Clinical Officer of Health Catalyst, and Mr. Qiyong Guo, Chief Expert of Viewhigh delivered insightful keynote speeches to the audience. Both experts were from the leading companies that provide data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations. Health Catalyst was recently listed on Nasdaq in July 2019, providing services to more than 4250 clinics and 400 hospitals in US. Neusoft Viewhigh had more than 3000 clients of healthcare providers, including over 800 tertiary hospitals and 10 medical groups in China. The two experts shared their respective experience in digitalization of healthcare in the two different countries. The challenges we faced in healthcare digitalization might be different in the two countries while the expectation of the growth of health data services remained the same. Both speakers shared the common thoughts that there was still much space for the better application of health data and analytics to help build more efficient, high quality, and cost effective health systems. The influence of data technologies and services in healthcare would only be stronger in the future.

A panel discussion was followed, focused on the key factors in the digitalization progress in healthcare. Eight panelists from multidisciplinary sectors of healthcare joined the discussion to explore how data and related analytics improve quality of care and lower cost of service, and ultimately promote health system transformation. The panelists included:

Qiyong Guo, Chief Expert of Neusoft Viewhigh

Bin Zhou, Head of Strategy and Investment of LinkDoc

Wenkai Li, Director and Chief Representative of Beijing Office of China Medical Board

Huaming Li, General Manager of Medical Information Technology Development Department of Genertec Universal Medical Group

Daniel Fulton, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of United Family Healthcare

Zhuoyuan Lyu, Assistant general manager of Strategy and Development Department of Taikang Healthcare Investment

Xidan Peng, Vice President of Medlinker

Mengchun Gong, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer of Digital China Health

At the end of the event, the guests and the industry leaders joined together for a meaningful networking session. Guests took the opportunity to exchange knowledge and to explore future collaboration opportunities. Thanks again to all the guests for the participation, especially the support from Health Catalyst, WeWork, and Neusoft Viewhigh. It is our privilege to hold such event to promote the cross sector communications for the development of future health systems.