The Care Institute of Health Sciences is a medical training institution based in Hyderabad, India that provides comprehensive education and training for rising healthcare professionals. The Institute houses a medical model simulation laboratory that uses the latest technologies to train young healthcare professionals. ACCESS Health Chair and President, William A. Haseltine, and ACCESS Health India Country Director, Krishna Reddy toured the laboratory with leaders from the Institute, Drs. Nichols Mathur, Vijay Anand, and Raj Gopal. This document provides a transcript of the discussion that took place during the tour.

Among the topics discussed were the challenges India faces with training medical professionals, including some common challenge like raising adequate financial resources. Other challenges are unique to the Indian context. In India for example there are many healthcare providers who are uncertified and untrained. At the Institute they challenge themselves to seek out and recruit these uncertified providers to ensure they receive training to deliver proper care. Language barriers are also a problem in a country where there are twenty-two official languages and more than 700 dialects. One of great achievements of the Institute is their use of cutting edge technologies to overcome these challenges and provide new opportunities for training. They use medical mannequins that can simulate humans with great precision, including sweating, pupil movements, breathing, and swelling.

There is a growing market for medical simulation mannequins. The Institute was one of the first training centers to introduce their use in training on such a broad level. The description and discussion about their work serves as an important lesson of how technology is changing the way medicine is taught.