Providing Blended Elder Care: An interview with Daan Dohmen

Dr. Daan Dohmen is the founder and chief executive officer of FocusCura, an eHealth provider currently operating Europe. The company focuses on independent living for elderly persons and the chronically ill, providing a “blended care” service where patients can receive personal visits from doctors or digital visits via video conference. An online application allows people to connect with their entire network of supporters, including relatives, homecare providers, and practitioners. Group calls even allow patients, doctors, and relatives to join a single conversation about a patient’s health.

Another application helps users manage their illness from home and collect their own health data. Medical devices such as a blood pressure monitors can be connected to the application. The program is validated together with medical doctors.

When starting FocusCura, Dr.Dohmen asked himself: “How can we use modern technology to help elderly stay at home and remain independent as long as possible?” In his interview with Sofia Widen, he explores how that can be done most effectively. Click here for the interview with Dr. Dohmen.