Startup Alliance Member Spotlight: THOTH

The Startup Alliance includes companies that are in the early growth phase of development, typically those who received seed and series A funding. The companies focus on health services, information technology, medical devices, and other breakthrough technologies. Membership in the Startup Alliance is based on our evaluation of the novelty and importance of the work of the companies. We provide them access to mentors, to our network, and to investors. We work closely with the members to accelerate growth and improve their branding. Each newsletter will include the introduction of one of the members.

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THOTH was founded in January 2016 and is headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park. The company focuses on the research and development of flexible wearable medical devices and the application of medical big data artificial intelligence technology. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, which integrates research, production and marketing.

THOTH has innovatively designed disposable sensors that are similar to a “Band-Aid”, integrating product and service value into the sensor so that users pay only for the Band-Aid and do not need to purchase medical equipment or medical systems. THOTH is focused on providing accurate, efficient, comfortable and safe clinical-level healthcare services to every user, and is committed to creating a new healthcare ecosystem.

The 7 products developed by THOTH have obtained NMPA medical device product registration certificate and 30 patents. Our products cover dynamic ECG monitoring, continuous body temperature monitoring and fetal ECG monitoring, amongst which our core product “Wearable ECG Sensor” is the first wearable ECG sensor to obtain NMPA medical device product registration certificate, which has been used by 500,000 patients in more than 700 hospitals in 20 provinces and cities, and is unanimously recognized by hospitals and users.