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Transforming Health Systems Through Evidence Based Research

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The Health Futures team in China is working on a serious of projects to analyze health service systems and to document innovative case studies in China and around the globe with an overarching goal to promote the transformation of health systems in the region.

Health Futures launched a new report entitled The State of Innovation in Aging and Senior Care: Trends and Lessons. The report describes new directions in elder care, explores the rapid development of the pension market, and highlights successful case studies in China and abroad. You can read the full report here.

The Health Futures team also launched a new research project in partnership with the Global Health Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University on the public health policies of seven “One Belt, One Road” and sub Saharan African countries. The report will include a comprehensive analysis of the successes and challenges in each health system and will help guide future collaboration between China and these partnered countries.

The Health Futures interim report entitled “Integrating Hospital Care with Primary Care and Post-Acute Care for People with Chronic Diseases: A Comparative Study in Singapore, China, Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Fiji” was just submitted in partnership with Duke Kunshan University. The report was commissioned by the Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies under the World Health Organization. The final report is expected later in the year.

Shawn Gu

Shawn Gu

Shawn Gu is responsible for branding and promotion for ACCESS Health China, including marketing campaigns, marketing materials, and managing social media accounts for ACCESS Health China.

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