William A. Haseltine Named to Scientific American Worldview 100

ACCESS Health International Chairman and President William A. Haseltine has been named to “The Worldview 100” by Scientific American Worldview. The Worldview 100 recognizes the top one hundred “visionaries who continue to reshape biotechnology – and the world.” The Worldview 100 honorees were each nominated by leaders in biotechnology and the biosciences and then selected by a panel of experts as among the one hundred most influential figures in today’s world of biotechnology.

“What traits do these leaders have in common? Creativity and enterprise are givens. Resilience and self sacrifice are also critical, as the complexity of the science and its regulation demands they constantly strive to maintain momentum, however far away their goal appears. And since risk taking is practically the norm in biotech, these figures have to possess the confidence to outdare the crowd, to blaze a trail, and to maintain their nerve, sometimes against overwhelming odds.”

Other honorees include National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins and Bill and Melinda Gates.

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