Safe Care, Saving Lives is a quality improvement program designed to increase newborn survival rates across the previously united Andhra Pradesh, now split into two states in India. The premise of Safe Care, Saving Lives is that improvements in clinical care practices in labor rooms and newborn care units can lead to improvements in infant health outcomes.
In 2014, Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, a government funded health insurance provider, launched the Safe Care, Saving Lives program in a mix of fifty two public and private hospitals. The program specifically addresses morbidity and mortality of newborns by focusing on improving hospital care practices to prevent and manage three leading causes of newborn mortality: complications of prematurity, birth asphyxia, and newborn sepsis. n model
The program employs learning sessions to give providers and administrators the opportunity to learn from each other as they continue on their journey to improve the quality of care. This report describes the outcomes from one of the Safe Care, Saving Lives learning session.